Cambridge Upholstered Wall Panels

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Custom made in New Zealand with quality materials and worksmanship.
Please note the upholstered back wall panels are priced in multiples of 1 Linear meter. 
Smallest back wall may require 2 panels to give a finished size of 2000mm Wide x 1500mm High.
You can select the number of panels required based on the length of back wall in your place.
Example 1: Backwall size is 3900mm Wide x 1200mm High, will require 4 Linear Meters
Example 2: Backwall size is 3000mm Wide x 1200mm High, will require  3 Linear Meters
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks depending upon the choice of fabric's availabilty.

Guarantee: 5 years frame guarantee

These are DIY panels and supplied with fixings and require basic installation skills.

If you are not sure of the quantity requirements or any other detail, please get in touch and we will help in finalising.

Free Delivery NZ nation wide (Please check for Rural delivery availability).